100K and Beyond!

Just after midnight last night santa.my-prototype.com was 116 hits away from 100,000 hits! I was like a kid waiting for Santa when I went to bed, filled with anticipation knowing that today we would cross over the 100K thresholdwhen I got up for work this mornig we had busted it wide open and had already surpassed it by 300 hits and as I type this now we are about 60 hits away from getting a THOUSAND hits in 24 hours! To have that many hits in the month that my 1 year anniversary of being online leaves me awestruck. It is incredible the support you guys have given me and I sincerly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So, now that we have hit that milestone, and because this blog is about my “adventures” as a Rookie Santa, I thought I’d share my goals for this holiday season!

Rookie Santa’s 2012 Goals!

1. Share the magic of Christmas with everyone I come into contact with as Santa!

2. Work at least 10 events this season

3.Find and install an event calendar so people can easily find Rookie Santa when he is out and about!

4. Learn to use this new website so I don’t have to run to my technoelf everytime I have an idea or problem. ( I don’t want to overwork my newest Bro-in-law!)

5.Glean wisdom from fellow entertainers. Whether they be anything from fellow Santa to DJ I will continue to be a student to be the best Santa I can be!

6. Post updates to this blog on a regular basis to give you a reason to keep coming back!

7. Join The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas and maybe Lone Star Santas

8. Buy my business name. (I have filled out most of the paperwork but lack the funds!)

As a final note for this post I feel like I must defend the length of time since my last post! I actually typesd up a very similar post as this Saturday night and when I told it to save it disappeared! I have no idea what happened to it, but blame it on my lack of familiarity with the new site. I’m sure I did something wrong, but like a pet disciplened after the piddle has dried, I’m not sure what that something was. There, now I feel that I have defened myself properly.