Rookie Santa has a birthday!

Well today (yesterday by the time I finish this post) is my 31st birthday! I’m no longer thirty. I am officially IN my 30’s… Not sure how I feel about that yet, but I am thankful to be alive to figure it out! I have friends already that haven’t made it this far and I am humbled that I have. I had a lot of fun today and love the people that I am surrounded with that wished me a happy birthday whether by phone call,birthday card, text, facebook, and especially in person! Thank you all!

I have always loved the fact that my birthday is June 26th because I have my presents spaced out almost perfectly! This year my favorite present is a really cool engraved business card holder that my wife got for me!

Isn’t it AWESOME! I think it looks way more professional than a bent up card I had in my wallet or pocket and I have wanted one for a while! So Thank you wifey for this and the other stuff you got for me too!

In other news I downloaded a bunch of free books for my Nook that are supposed to be about Santa but most are more about the spirit of Santa, the spirit of giving and helping those less fortunate than you, but they are really old , the reason why they were free (one was from the civil war era) and are a little cheesy and not much to post about.

I am really looking forward to the Christmas season, but I love summer and I am enjoying the warm weather! Although, 105 in Dallas today is a bit warmer than I like. I have already been approached for a Christmas in July project but unfortunately since it was volunteer I couldn’t afford to bleach my beard out for it 🙁 I am probably the only guy alive that has googled ways to make you facial hair gray faster! Besides vitamin deficiencies, stress, and having a “bunch” of kids I didn’t really find anything lol

Well, I guess that is all for now! I can’t believe it has been nearly 2 months since I posted the time has flown by! I’ll talk to you later my Kringles! Happy my birthday to all and to all and to all a goodnight!