70,000 Hits!!! Take 2 lol

T’was the night before last and all through the house

Rookie Santa was blogging until about 2am or sometime thereabout

WordPress had an update and he had cause to care

A new button for facebook “Update if you DARE”

The post was amazing, would turn lots of heads

but the update killed it! and I hate it! STUPID UPDATE!


Whew! I feel better now!

It is true! I tried to update you guys about how proud I am to have (now over) 70,000 hits, and how awesome you guys are! So, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to my faithful Kringles for reading a Christmas blog in the spring and summer! It means a lot to me! Now if I could just convince you guys to post replies here on the website and not to Ronnie’s facebook lol (in comments or personal messages). If people see your comments maybe they will leave a comment too! Don’t be afraid to break the ice! And thanks once again to Sam Huckaby for keeping rookiesanta.com running when I trip over my own feet!

Now, that it is the “off season,” so to speak, I’d like some feedback on the theme, (background, links, and such.) Is rookiesanta.com pretty easy to navigate? Is there something I should do differently? I myself, would like a more Santa themed page, there are only 2 little Santas on the page! Any of you fellow bloggers have any advice on paid themes? Are they expensive? Do they come totally set up? What do custom themes run?

In the unsuccessful post of the other day I also told you you guys that I was reading The Autobiography of Santa Claus, as told to Jeff Guin. I had pretty much just started it and was really into it, and it really just kept getting better. Santa really goes into great detail to tell us how he became the man he is today! If you know a Santa and he hasn’t read this book you need to get him a copy! It is amazing!

Lastly, In the evil update debacle, I wanted to show you a picture! I work as a cashier at Cabela’s in the Dallas area and I was doing some work around the registers but not actually on one, so I asked my buddy Roth if I could leave my book at his register while I was registerless. He of course agreed and I got to work. When I went to lunch I opened my book and on a piece of receipt paper Roth had drawn and incredible picture of Rookie Santa. Here it is for the world to see! Thanks again Roth!

P.S. Rookie Santa has a FB page too! Like it! www.facebook.com/rookiesanta