Christmas is coming, the beard is getting fat! Oh and a CONTEST!!!!

Hey Kringles! Long time no post! I took July off without planning to but I’m glad I did! Rookie Santa is getting back in the swing of things and is ready to start booking! I’m in the process of getting a new background check (should have the new one in my hand tonight!) and maybe some reviews from folks I worked with last year so that all those sugarplums dancing in your head about how awesome it would be to have Rookie Santa at your event can be confirmed!

I am super excited that next month I have been online for a full year and in that time have garnered nearly 90,000 hits! That is way more than I expected but now that I’m only a month away I want to hit the 100 grand before the year mark so…


If gets to 100,000 hits before 09/07/2012 I will have a drawing for a Christmas DVD movie pack including at least 3 DVDs! The number of DVDs will go up for every 5000 hits OVER the 100,000 hit mark and the first 3 DVDs will be Elf*, Fred Claus*, and A Christmas Carol* (Patrick Stewart version because he is my favorite Star Trek Captain) The name will be drawn from the people who like my Rookie Santa Facebook Page so after you share this page with your friends go there and like that page to be entered!

Beard update! I am wearing a shirt right now that has a cartoon on the front of it and several times today I have had to move my beard out of the way to show it to people! I’m going to let it grow for sure until November when I start the whitening process and then see if it is too long or just right! My feeling is it will be perfect but a friend of mine today said it may be too long so we’ll see if I look creepy after I bleach it!


* is not affiliated in anyway with any of the movies mentioned (or their represented studios) in this post he just likes these movies and that is how they were picked.