Happy Easter From Rookie Santa! Wanna See My Easter Ham?

Wassup My Kringles!!!

I haven’t posted anything in over a month so I thought I’d try to get an Easter post in before it isn’t Easter anymore!

Been pretty busy lately. Have a new person staying at our house, my sister-in-law moved in with is a few weeks ago and the move went well and we are pretty much settled into a new routine from adding a new person to the house! Hmmm wonder if she’ll want to be an elf this Christmas since Mrs. Claus isn’t down for stuff like that.

In other more BEARDLY news…

I’m pretty sure I shared with ya’ll that I had to dye my beard back to dark on Christmas day for the wifey, but I’m not sure if I shared just how damaged my beard was from the 4 bleaches, the toner (to white) and the dye back. It was brittle and breaking and falling out. I would wake up in the morning and see every man’s worst nightmare hair on him pillow, except mine was at the bottom of the pillow not the top! Well all of the dye (and old beard) has been trimmed out and a nice healthy and FULL new beard has been cultivated!I’m getting tons of compliments about it nearly every where I go, and people can’t believe that it has grown this much since Dec 25th!

Anyone have a hankering for a good Christmas mystery book? I just finished reading The Fat Man: A Tale of North Pole Noir by Ken Harmon and it was muy excellente! It was full of Christmas puns and was written from the perspective of an elf who is framed for murder and must solve the mystery and catch the real killer before Christmas is ruined forever. It is  only about 340 pages and is super easy to read so check it out! I’m also about to read The Physics of Christmas: From the Aerodynamics of Reindeer to the Thermodynamics of Turkey by Roger Highfield. I have a feeling it is going to be WAY over my head but Santa has to be educated!

Since it is still Easter, I wanted to tell you something my Pastor reminded me this morning. All 12 (I’m counting the disciple that replaced Judas) of Jesus’ disciples except one (John, and even him not for lack of trying) were killed because of their faith that Jesus is the son of God. If these 12 guys had been lying don’t you think one of them would have recanted? Why would they die for a lie? You can’t be rich when your dead, so it wasn’t money. The only possible answer is that Jesus IS who He say He is.

And now my Easter ham and pretty good shot of my beard!