Went to the movies today

Hey Kringles! The wife and I went to the movies today and I saw a totally AWESOME movie poster for a movie coming out this November! My friend, Roth, sent me the trailer about a week ago Rise of the Guardians! It looks stinking awesome! They give Santa a Russian accent which is inaccurate from where St. Nicholas was born, but nevertheless I can’t wait to see this movie! I even took a picture with the movie poster! I even have an inside track on procuring an actual movie poster of my own! Thanks Caleb!

This picture also gives you a pretty good idea of  how long my beard is getting! I hugged someone at church the other day and my beard got stuck under their arm! lol

My Santa suit is at the tailor this week! Monica, the “girl” (read, super seamstress, mom and wife extraordinaire)  that made my suit for me couldn’t put the belt loops on the jacket without physically having my belly that shakes like a bowlful of jelly to put them in the right place, and since she lives in Chicago that was a slight problem! But she sent them to me to have put on here and just to make it through the season last year my wife found some black velvet ribbon and made me a couple temporary belt loops out of those. Now I am having the real ones put on!

We are about 9,450 hits away from our goal of 100,000 hits by September 7th! I’m super stoked with our progress but we still have a big hill to climb to get there! Do me a favor and post santa.my-prototype.com to any social media you use facebook, twitter, pintrest, stumbleupon, reddit, instagram, whatever! and then like my facebook page to be entered into the contest we are having! If we make 100 grand by 9/7/12 (Rookie Santa’s one year anniversary of being online!) there will be a drawing for a Christmas dvd prize pack! (see my last post for more details!)

May have some other BIG news for the website soon too, but I have to iron out some more details, so keep checking back!