What a difference a year makes!

Well here we are! The announcement that has been eating away at my insides has arrived! santa.my-prototype.com is now a FULL BLOWN website! I have been thinking for a while that I was just about to the end of what a blog alone could do for me, as I have been using it as a full website anyway. When out of nowhere my Brother-In-Law calls me we have this conversation:

Sam: “Hey, I think you have reasched the limit of what a blog stie can do for you. Want to make a real one?”

Rookie Santa: “Dude you totally read my mind! I just had this conversation with Mrs. Claus!

Sam: “Haha! Of course you did! Afterall, great minds think alike. Also You have a lot of hits maybe we could put a couple of ads on there somewhere to possibly generate a little revenue.”

Rookie Santa: “It’s like you are walking around in my HOLLY JOLLY BRAIN!”

Okay. Well. Maybe that was a paraphrase, and we don’t have the ads on here yet but we’re getting there!

We fell a little bit short of 100k hits in a year but with 94,776 I can’t complain! Heck, nearly 70,000 of those has come since January 21st! I’m so proud of everything y’all have done to help get The Adventures of Rookie Santa here today, and I offer my sincere thanks to each and every one of you!

I have confirmed 2 events already where you can come see Rookie Santa and have your picture made with him! You can even bring your kids as an excuse! lol I will be making my 3rd annual apperance at Life Fellowship Church on December 16th for our Christmas Services at 10am and 11:30 and I will be Santa for Cabela’s in Allen Texas. Dates and times for that have not been set in stone yet but should be worked out next week!

Also, I plan to work as many events as I can with my buddy DJ BIGG DAVE! So if you are having a party big enough to need a DJ and Santa let one of us know and we will get you the information you need!

I can’t end this post without a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU!!!!!!! To Sam Huckaby who made this page happen! Blessings to you my firend!